Knitted Kimono and Obi

  • Material: Wool and silk yarns
  • Technique: Knitting
  • Year: 2012

The story

This is one of my favourites in the Kimono Re-Construction project.
This kimono comprises my collected memories. It was knitted in wool and silk accumulated over the years of work in fashion design. Some of the yarn was handmade in Sri Lanka using and old bicycle wheel (in lieu of a proper spinning wheel)...
In such wilderness,
you can feel a certain mood of insanity...
and a lot of wilderness...
This story continues to develop.

Joanna Bodzek


The kimono made of fragments of yarn coming from various places and times gathers a lifetime's worth of memories. Perhaps they could be compiled to produce pleasant, harmonius images but life is not always nice and easy.

Aleksandra Görlich