Doily Kimono. Tea Ceremony / 茶会

  • Material: Cotton doilies, silk organza
  • Technique: Knitting, screen printing
  • Year: 2011

The story

I hope this kimono will make you reflect on the value of women's handicraft.
It was made of knitted cotton doilies, 2 zlotys each.
The garment is made of some seventy snowflake-shaped doilies and is worth thousand of hours of women's work. It takes twenty hours or more to knit one doily, which means about 1400 hours in total, plus 100 hours to put 'snowflakes' together - to create a kimono.
I acquired the doilies on various occasions in Krakow, Stockholm and London. Out of nearly three hundred I could only use some seventy-eighty, which best fitted together.
If the time spent were to be charged at an artisant's hourly rate, the cost of the kimono would be some 64,000 zlotys (c. 16,000 euros), which is how much traditional Japanese garments actually cost.

Joanna Bodzek


The Japanese masters of traditional crafts begin their training as small children, under their parents' supervision. They do not switch to another discipline with every passing year; they spend years accumulating experience in their specific speciality. Once they are mature, experienced artisans, their works are perfect in form and well thought out in content.
The value of these works is in hundreds of hours of persistent work.

Aleksandra Görlich