First Sample / 初めのサンプル

  • Material: Raw Cotton (kimono), cotton bed sheet (obi), silvered steel (fork)
  • Technique: Print on fabric
  • Year: 2010

The story

The first kimono made as part of the Kimono Re-Construction project.
I made it by unstitching old Japanese kimono to study their tailoring secrets. Only by patterning my work after them could I design new ones. The Japanese simplicity involves a lot, a real lot of detail.
This is the first of various answers to the question: What it would look like if one were to bring (Western) cutlery to a Japanese table? An oversized motif of a fork is printed on the obi, and a real fork tucked in it where normally a sensu fan would be carried.

Joanna Bodzek


The sensu is a folding fan which always remains folded. One puts it between the person ot the place with whom or which one involves in interaction. At the entrance into a tea room. When asking a teacher for a lesson. When thanking someone. It is a portable boundary marker, which both separates and connects.
Does the fork separate us from the plate or does it enable us to ask for a meal?

Aleksandra Görlich